The Best New Tech for Sports Enthusiasts

New tech gear for the at-home sports enthusiast.

Samsung 98-inch Class Q900 QLED

The centerpiece of any sports fanatic’s game-time shrine, a big beautiful TV is the key to an immersive experience, and the Samsung 98-inch Class Q900 QLED hits it out of the park. The giant display delivers unmatched clarity with its 8K resolution and top-of-the-line, high-dynamic-range image processing that makes colors pop off the screen. While there isn’t much 8K content available yet—although sports are usually the first to broadcast in new resolutions—the Class Q900 will upscale content broadcast in lower resolutions to take advantage of all those pretty pixels.

Sennheiser AMBEO

Forget about complicated surround-sound setups: The AMBEO Soundbar from legendary German audio manufacturer Sennheiser emulates a multi-speaker 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos experience—including a subwoofer and four ceiling speakers—with a single powerful unit placed under the television. Utilizing an array of 13 drivers, the AMBEO creates a 3-D sound space by analyzing the room’s specific acoustics and using its reflections to replicate sound coming from multiple positions.

HD Multi-Sport Simulator

Take armchair quarterbacking to the next level by completing that pass you just know Tom Brady should have made with the HD Multi-Sport Simulator. In addition to football passing and field-goal kicking, the simulator can replicate sports ranging from golf and soccer to hunting, bowling, and even lacrosse. It is available in a number of standard curved- and flat-screen configurations, but can also be built to custom sizes.
From $795

Shinola Football

Whether kept on display in your den or enlisted into active duty between quarters, this gorgeous football from Detroit-based luxury goods maker Shinola is sure to catch an eye or two. Bedecked in fine royal blue leather, the football is handsewn with black stitching and emblazoned with the Shinola logo. For those with more conventional tastes, the company also offers a version in traditional brown.

Garmin MARQ Athlete

The Garmin MARQ Athlete smartwatch is jam packed with features to take any active sports lover’s game to the next level, whether their preferred pursuit is swimming, biking, skiing, golfing, or a myriad of others. In addition to the connected features you would expect from a smartwatch (email, text messages, music controls), it is equipped with GPS and a color screen that can display course layouts, trails, and maps. It also features a bevy of sensors to keep track of health metrics like heart rate—useful information whether you’re playing a particularly intense pickup game or your team is just down in the fourth.


Gameroom Goodies NFL Blitz 2000 Gold

Midway’s NFL Blitz series defined arcade-style football action in the late ’90s. With simple controls and over-the-top tackles (including body slams and elbow drops), it was the perfect pick-up-and-play game for settling casual grudges or just punishing your rival team. Now, Gameroom Goodies brings that excitement into your home with the NFL Blitz 2000 Gold arcade machine featuring an original arcade board (the game’s “brain”) housed within a newly built cabinet with a modern LCD display and controls for four.

Gold Medal Antique Citation 16-oz. Popper

Proper game-day grub is always close at hand with Gold Medal’s Antique Citation 16-ounce popcorn popper. Exhibiting a charming vintage aesthetic, the popper is equipped with a large kettle that can accommodate even the biggest party and a forced-air crisping system to ensure the snack stays nice and crunchy between reloads.