Farid Emrani

President and CEO | Logicube

Chatsworth Based Leader in Drive Duplication Launches Next-Gen Imaging Tech to Double the Speed of Digital Forensic Investigations

Logicube is debuting a new system that takes forensic hard drive imagining to a new level of speed and digital evidence collection efficiency.

The need for speed in the digital forensics industry is attributable to the time-sensitive nature of investigations. To keep up with the case load and improve departmental efficiency, agencies and consultants are always looking for innovative technologies and evidence collection strategies. An emerging discipline and technology is digital forensic imaging. The field of digital forensics collects and analyzes evidence in the form of data. One of the most common procedures in digital forensics is hard drive imaging before data analysis.

To preserve the integrity of data, investigators use forensic imagers. This provides a verifiably untampered image of the drive. The distinctive feature of forensic imaging tools compared to hard drive duplicators are the built-in write blocker and evidence collection features. Workloads for investigative professions are often extreme. Corporate and enterprise investigations can involve dozens to hundreds of drives. This means weeks of recovered productivity when firms can implement faster technologies and processes.

An established firm in the digital forensic imaging field, Logicube is releasing the new standard in tools for forensic investigators: The Falcon-NEO. The device is a future-oriented solution created to improve efficiency in the forensic evidence collection process, a task for which speed is crucial to collect data promptly and proceed to analysis.

“Five years ago, we revolutionized forensic imaging technology with the launch of the Forensic Falcon. It set a new standard in digital forensic imaging technology,” stated Farid Emrani, President and CEO of Logicube.

The original Falcon, launched in 2013, still the industry standard, broke ground in the revolution of digital forensic imaging. There are thousands of units in use domestically and internationally by government agencies, police organizations, and investigative consultants. Logicube’s new solution offers a seamless upgrade from Falcon to Falcon-NEO, intuitive operation, unmatched performance, a streamlined evidence collection process, advanced features, and state of the art connectivity.

The Chatsworth, CA, based company has been a pioneer in the field of hard drive duplication since 1999. Logicube is known for reliable and cutting-edge solutions suitable for users in US and international markets. The firm’s products are sold globally through authorized dealers.

Designed to allow new and existing users to easily transition to the new device, the NEO supports all the common hard drive interface formats. Source and destination I/O card slots have been added to integrate future connections technology.

Another notable advantage is the extreme imaging speeds compared to competitors and the previous model: at imaging speeds of 50 Gigabytes per minute (Gb/min), it is 50% faster than the competition, and 60% faster than the previous generation Falcon, with negligible degradation in speed when imaging simultaneously from two sources to two destinations.

“Our engineering team has focused on new features and improvements that give investigators a tool that can securely capture large amounts of forensic evidence in the shortest amount of time in the field or in the lab,” commented Farid Emrani, President and CEO of Logicube.

While speed is important, the efficiency of the overall evidence collection process is equally vital. To complement the impressive imaging speeds, the device can simultaneously image, verify, and write from 4 source drives to up to 6 unique destinations. All source ports are write-blocked to preserve data and evidence integrity.

The Falcon-NEO further streamlines the collection process with the logical imaging feature that allows users to image only the specific files needed. A unique aspect of the Falcon-NEO is the ability to verify concurrently with the imaging process.  The duration of the total imaging plus verification process time may be reduced by up to half. Extra time was devoted in R&D to refining the graphical user interface (GUI) for intuitive and nimble use. In addition to imaging, the Logicube release can also clone, wipe, and hash tasks concurrently at rates that exceed its imaging speed. The Falcon-NEO has two 10 GbE ports for extremely efficient imaging to network storage devices, and the ability to capture network traffic including online activity, email, and VOIP communications directly to an attached hard drive.

The Falcon-NEO is available now and will be featured at the upcoming 2018 Enfuse Conference, May 21st-23rd in Las Vegas, NV, and at the Techno Security Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC, June 4th-6th.

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