LA’s Innovative New Mindfulness Brand

Applying technology to reduce stress and improve focus, creativity, and productivity

Los Angeles based start-up Brightmind is promising to offer overwhelmed professionals frazzled by the demands of daily life the opportunity to improve health and wellness with a guided regimen of meditation instruction through an innovative new application.

Founder Shinzen Young, a recognized authority in mindfulness and a neuroscience research consultant, has developed a new tool that employs a blend of advanced algorithmic approaches and ancient wisdom to calm the mind, refine the senses, and contribute to more peaceful, productive, and fulfilling lifestyles.

Brightmind is backed by a group of skilled and committed meditation practitioners and teachers. The dedicated team was formed to support Young in materializing his vision of offering a tailored and affordable meditation experience to users internationally, at a scale that has only recently become possible with the aid of rapidly advancing mobile technology.

“When I leave retreats, it’s always bittersweet,” says Young. “As a group and individually, the participants grow a great deal during our time together, but I know that if I could split myself into pieces and help each student on a daily basis, their practices would grow with great rapidity and be incredibly transformative.”

Young’s unique and structured approach to meditation research and instruction inspired research partnerships with Carnegie Mellon, Harvard Medical School, and the University of Vermont, as well as collaborations with other notable organizations.

The App offers a simple and straightforward user experience that is tailored to each user’s unique needs and personality. For professional firms and executive management teams, it provides an efficient tool to help boost employee performance, memory, and often, overall happiness.

Transformative Curriculum, Personalized Meditations, and Self-Paced Progress

Shinzen’s instruction is renowned for a highly interactive and scientific approach that guides students in addressing personal goals and overcoming individual challenges, pushing forward their meditation progress. The curriculum has been developed and refined over decades of training and experience in cross-discipline meditation techniques, with a foundation in Buddhist teachings.

With the Brightmind app, users learn a variety of meditation techniques to find the ones that work best for them. In the future, the app will incorporate advanced data analytics to adapt to and deepen the user experience. Each session builds on the selections of previous sessions.

The app provides learning, guidance and accountability, while also allowing self-paced progress. Brightmind makes learning meditation easy for busy professionals. It enables participants to achieve a productive and satisfying meditation experience in their own home or office that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars and often require travel to a distant location.

The app is currently available in the Apple App Store and will soon be released for Google Play. Visit Brightmind to learn more about the health and wellness app.

Shinzen Young

Founder | Brightmind