CSQ&A: Developer Bruce Makowsky on America’s Most Expensive Home

CSQ&A: Developer Bruce Makowsky on America’s Most Expensive Home

With America’s most expensive home, offered at $250M, complete, CSQ spoke with the home’s developer and sole investor about the challenges the project presented and the uniqueness of the home

How many people were involved in the actual building of the home?
Bruce Makowsky I was fortunate to have a world-class team of more than 300 people assist with the project.

How long did it take to build the house?
BM From start to finish it took more than four years.

During the process, what was the biggest challenge and obstacle you and your team faced?
BM We built the home in real time as opposed to drawing up plans and building based on those plans. As a result we were modifying throughout the process and if we didn’t feel a room was the right proportion or a floor was easy to navigate, we had to fix it right then and there. On a small scale this may not seem like a challenge but when navigating 50,000 square feet it certainly becomes one. From a broader perspective, we identified eight distinct ingredients – from evolutionary technology to stunning location and views – and brought them all together. There was no room for error, so I think that was another significant challenge in just making sure that every single move we made was the right one.

Given the process of designing the home during the build, what difficulties arose as  result?
BM There were plenty, of course! One of the biggest challenges conceptualizing a home of this magnitude as we went along was our inability to see the entirety of the plan as a traditional builder would. As we designed the shell and then began building the house to spec, making changes along the way, challenges arose in adhering to the rules of the city, ensuring we built to earthquake standards, and so on. Ultimately we were able to fulfill our vision while meeting civic standards. 

Located in the home’s lower level, the $30M car collection is included in the
sticker price

The home’s movie theatre pays homage to James Bond

The home’s office, located on the top level, offers some of the best views

The view on approach to the home’s main entrance which sends guests below the helicopter level

Bruce Makowsky

Bruce Makowsky

Developer | 924 Bel Air Road

924 Bel Air Road
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Seats in 4K Dolby Atmos Theater