Travel Accessories: Wheels Up!

Maximize your summer travel with the help of these items

Bragi Dash Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Tired of having earbuds that fall out while on the go? Go wireless, young man. These bluetooth earbuds have their own storage space, allowing up to 1,000 songs to be stored in its memory to save memory on your smartphone or mp3 player. Its built-in sensors can track heart rate, calories burned, and body vitals.


Mini Drobo Portable Hard Drive

As compact as this portable storage unit looks and feels, it offers up to a possible 16TB of storage using cutting-edge technology all-in-one technology port Thunderbolt and USB 3.0. This makes it perfect for having easy access to all of your necessary files from your hard drive while you’re out traveling.


Nikon D5500

While you’re traveling, having a DSLR camera capable of producing vibrant photos to show family and friends, uploading online on Instagram, or simply saving it as a memory is a must have. It is important that the quality of these experiences and photos not be undermined. The Nikon D5500 brings to the table a compact size, being a third smaller than most DSLRs, all the while being equipped with a 24.2 megapixel DX-Format CMOS sensor; it is just as powerful and high end as any other. In addition, the Nikon D5500 offers more convenience by being Wi-Fi enabled to upload directly to Instagram with an LCD touch screen that acts as a secondary shutter button or focus dial.



Don’t miss a beat while away from your phone. Nuzzel aggregates the most read news on your social media platforms for you. Want to keep up with your friends and see what they are currently reading? Nuzzel is the perfect app for doing just that, as it allows you to view social media posts that they have read and shared, which are most likely what you are more interested in. You connect through either your Facebook or Twitter account, and it will create a headline of everything that they have liked and shared. This allows the user to get past what they see as uninteresting or irrelevant information, and straight to the topics that interest them thanks to the technological algorithm and organization principles Nuzzel has laid out for us.



Tumi T-Pass Laptop Brief

When it comes to both style and functionality, the Tumi T-Pass Laptop Brief will not disappoint. This clean and modern design is backed up by various compartments and expandable pockets with leather handles and a comfortable shoulder strap that will stay in place. Its zip pocket contains a Tumi ID Lock, which protects personal data that can be found on licenses, passports, and credit cards. This laptop bag meets all TSA requirements, making it ready to be passed through security without having to remove your laptop, thanks to its split-opening case.