Sports Gear: Surf ‘n’ Turf

The ultimate evergreen toys for land and sea

Bushnell Golf Tracker Tour X

With a focus on innovating products, Bushnell offers technologically advanced optical feature. Including Dual Display Technology to accommodate the brightness for outdoors, Exchange Technology to adjust for casual and and competition play, and a magnification feature that allows objects to appear up to 6x closer.  The Bushnell Golf Tour X Tracker is high-end slope technology that every golfer can use.


Co-Motion Cascadia Bicycle

One of the premiere touring bikes on the market, Co-Motion’s Cascadia Bicycle is an American-made bicycle that sports a simplistic yet aesthetically pleasing design which will be sure to turn heads as you’re riding. Biking on these will give the rider a level of stability comparable to the more rugged types of touring bikes, while still maintaining that desired casual design. From exploring on a rugged mountain trail to touring around a foreign city, this bicycle’s multifunctionality is what makes it unique.


Kaestle BMX 105 HP Skis

Escape the heat this summer and skip the crowds in Rio stopping instead atop the Andes for summertime skiing. These skis are ideal for gliding over different terrains, being able to adapt thanks to its narrow design on the shovel and tail and wide body design. The ski’s Hollowtech technology limits the amount of vibrations the skier can feel whilst skiing on uneven terrain. Being able to handle diverse snow conditions allows these skis to perform consistently well. Being crafted from silver fur bonded with an adhesive block binder gives these skis a comfortable lightweight feel.


Parsons Xtreme Golf

Bob Parsons, founder of GoDaddy, brings his passion and entrepreneurship to golf with PXG, a high-performance golf equipment company. specializing in custom clubs With no constraints in time and money on the production of their golf clubs, Parsons envisioned sticks that would enhance performance. Used by PGA champion Zach Johnson and other professional golfers, PXG is looking to revolutionize the game for both professional and recreational golfers by ramping up durability and performance.
Individual clubs starting at $400


Patagonia Men’s R4 Wetsuit

Designed for 38-49º F water, this suit will keep you warm until you are finished surfing to your heart’s desire. The warmth, strength, and durability of this wetsuit will have you ready for migration season. With anatomical patterning and high-quality neoprene, chlorine-free merino wool lines the torso/thighs, and hydrophobic micro-grid polyester lines the hood/arms/legs of the wetsuit.


Tower Paddle Boards

If you saw these on Shark Tank, you’ll know that Mark Cuban is an investor. Tower Paddle Boards has since become an entrepreneurial success story, an online manufacturer of custom standing paddle boards. Inflatable, affordable, and dependable, these boards will unite the family in some stand-up fun.
Starting at $499