Summer 2016 Olympics

By the Numbers

3.5% expected growth of the Brazilian economy in 2016

1,000% increase in interest in booking a trip to Rio de Janeiro between August 5 and August 21 thanks to the Olympics

480,000 expected visitors to Rio from August 5 to August 21

1.08M number of tourists in Rio during the 2014 World Cup, more than 300% higher than normal

$9.9B Estimated cost to produce the 2016 Olympics

Go For the Gold

When witnessing international history firsthand, the perks of flying private will make anyone feel like a champion

The Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro is at the apex of the 2016 global sports and entertainment calendar. More than two billion people watched the Sochi games; the events in Rio will draw as many or more. While the vast majority of the world will be watching from a remote location, some will endure the long lines and hassles of commercial air travel to attend in person. Here’s what to expect if you are one of the fortunate few to enjoy the swift, seamless experience of flying on your own private jet.

Imagine this: Amidst negotiating international satellite launch schedules and re-directing an army of engineers, you’ve been elevated to father of the year. Your daughter’s love of equestrian sports has you and your family in a caravan of vehicles shuttling northbound on the 405 toward a private hangar at Van Nuys Airport and your Gulfstream G650. From there, your family is bound for Rio De Janeiro and the final rounds of the Olympic jumping competition. The expected Gold Medalist will be the newest addition to your daughter’s stable.

Within 12 hours you’ve transported the most important people in the world
to the mecca of sports and entertainment for an adventure

It’s a tight schedule for four days, even by your standards. A quick glance at the traffic ahead reminds you of the practicality a helicopter would bring to your aviation fleet. Interrupting that thought, the familiar buzz of your phone draws you to a text from your captain. “We’re in position and ready for departure, sir. The winds here are only surface level and the rest of your flight will be smooth for the evening.” As you pull through the gate, your crew and cabin attendant are standing by.

Passing through the cabin, you’re greeted by the pleasant leather and lacquer aromas of your newest asset. At your seat, an untried Brazilian beer sits wrapped in a tight napkin.

The captain greets you and details the flight plan. Behind the scenes, a team spent tens of hours flight planning, confirming permits, visas, landing slots, transportation, customs, handling, catering, fuel, and more. Nodding in approval to the captain, you can appreciate the art of transforming the complex to something more simple.

With efficiency constantly in mind, you’re pleased with the restful night, shower, full breakfast, emailed directions to your team, and the sight of the Brazilian coastline as you descend. The crosswind landing at Rio Galeão – Tom Jobin International Airport was to be expected, as it’s on an island surrounded by mountains. An Airbus H160 sits 30 meters away as your family transitions to your final phase of flight. Although only kilometers from the Centro Olimpico de Hipismo Equestrian Center, the drive would take 90 minutes at this time of day and you would certainly miss the noon final. Strapped in, you get the good news that you’re cleared to land even closer than expected, in a field adjacent to the center and stables.

Within 12 hours you’ve transported the most important people in the world to the mecca of sports and entertainment for an adventure that your flying machines will continue to make available for the rest of your days. The only concern now … how to get that Golden Horse home