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Michael Kelly: Channeling the Spirit of Dorothy Buffum Chandler to Catalyze Change in Los Angeles

Philanthropist and arts activist Dorothy Buffum Chandler graced Time’s cover in December 1964. The article...
By MichaelKelly | LA Coalition

Michael Kelly: What Los Angeles Can Learn From the Warner Bros.

In 1917, Jack Warner was summoned to Los Angeles by one of his older brothers, Sam, to create a foothold in...
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Would Howard Hughes Invest in Los Angeles Today?

Howard Hughes, Jr. moved to Los Angeles from Texas in 1925 to leverage his diverse talents and knack for...
By MichaelKelly | LA Coalition

Would Albert Einstein Come to Los Angeles Today?

On New Year’s Day 1931, Albert Einstein arrived in Pasadena to take up a winter appointment as a Visiting...
By MichaelKelly | LA Coalition