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“Pay now or pay later with interest” is the mindset Ginny Gilder needed to succeed as an Olympian, an owner of the Seattle Storm WNBA franchise, a three-time All-Ivy Champion rower, and writer of Course Correction. Despite these successes, Gilder was cut from teams more times than she can count and was told repeatedly that she was too small to make it. But she learned to confront challenges and naysayers head on—by addressing challenges in order to overcome them. She won a silver medal in the 1984 Olympics. Gilder has championed the philosophy that women should enjoy equal access to competitive opportunities at every level.

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Life Lessons from Ginny Gilder, a Two-Time Olympian Turned Business Owner

I say “pay now or pay later with interest.” Now I co-own a WNBA team.
By Ginny Gilder | Seattle Storm