Mario Romano

Owner | Mario Romano Design and Development

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Q&A With Designer and Maker Mario Romano

Mario Romano is owner of Mario Romano Design and Development. He is a designer and maker specializing in architecture and innovation, and has built and designed some of Los Angeles’ most well-known homes, including the Wave House in Venice. Born in Santa Monica, Romano has patented software that enables digital fabrication of large-scale 3-D surfaces. Recently, in partnership with Dupont Corian, his company M|RWalls has produced intricate surfaces for architects around the globe.

What luxury market trends in new developments and interior design do you see continuing in 2021, particularly in LA and NY?

The developers and designers for high-touch luxury projects are looking for something unique, something that no one else has seen, yet at the same time they are looking for some value. It’s this sweet spot of iconic design and personalization combined with value.

How have housing needs and lifestyle preferences evolved for high-end buyers in the past year? What are some must-haves?

Space is like sushi, you can’t have enough of it. Even still, it’s all about the kitchen, and there is yet to be a kitchen island that is too long. No matter who designed it, it’s still not long enough. The master closet is the same. No matter how large, it’s not big enough.

A home designed by Mario Romano.

What are some options for people looking to invest in luxury real estate?

Everyone who buys a house is also considering the resale. Buyers and investors are one and the same. People are intelligent. They understand that, one day, they may want to sell their home, that it’s their primary asset. Therefore, they’ll evaluate the marketability, hence one of the reasons why so many homes look the same. The herd mentality affects the design decision-making. Investors are deciding on aesthetics, not designers.

What else should home buyers keep in mind?

They should stand in the kitchen and experience what they are feeling. What do you see? Do you like the view? Do you feel like leaving this space? Listen to your body, as architectural spaces affect the body by shaping the very action someone takes. Each step is defined by the architectural flow and structure. It’s not about the resale value. It’s about how you feel when you are in the spaces. It’s about privacy and solitude and asking yourself if you feel like you are on vacation or some type of escape. Ironically, a home should be an escape. Then you may have found where you live.

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