Limited Edition Cuban Cigars and 24-Karat Gold French Lighters

Through the traditions of Cuba, the uniqueness of the tobacco, and the craftsmanship of artisans, the cigar industry allows people to express themselves as subtly or brashly as they desire.

Bolivar Libertador
This imposing cigar has become one of Cuba’s most sought-after limited series since its debut in 2013. Made exclusively for La Casa del Habano shops across the world, the Bolivar Libertador is a dream of sweet earthiness, leather, and warm cooking spices wrapped in silky smooth lines of smoke. However, don’t mistake its elegance for weakness; Bolivars still pack plenty of power, making it a cigar you are unlikely to forget.
Size 6 1/2 x 54 mm
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Filler Cuba
Price $35

Daniel Marshall DM2 Gold Torpedo
Dominican Republic
Covered from cap to foot in shimmering 24-karat gold, the Daniel Marshall Gold Torpedo definitely makes a statement. Marshall is primarily known for his exemplary humidors and that artistry is on full display with the sophisticated design of this cigar. Last year, Marshall began producing “Art” versions of the Gold Torpedo (pictured here) that display hand-painted motifs on the gold leaf. Whether you smoke them or place them on display, they are a sight to behold.
Size 6 x 54 mm
Wrapper Five-year Nicaraguan Habano
Binder Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Price $295

El Septimo
Costa Rica
Costa Rican tobacco is a rarity in the cigar industry and an underutilized one at that. El Septimo cigars use that to their great advantage by acquiring bales upon bales of the finest aged Costa Rican tobacco and turning it into super-premium gems. El Septimos wear incredibly oily dark wrappers and produce delectable flavors of spice, rich wood, and aromatic herbs. They are as complex as they are rare, alluring, and unique.
Size 5 3/4 x 54 mm
Wrapper Costa Rica
Binder Costa Rica
Filler Costa Rica
Price $30

Le Grand S.T. Dupont Lighter
With its Le Grand series of lighters, luxury French accessories maker S.T. Dupont has given its iconic Ligne 2 a major performance upgrade: two flame settings. The Le Grand’s perfectly fitted cap flips open with the hallmark Dupont ping, a simple turn of the wheel ignites an impressive soft flame, and a slight raising of the wheel transforms that soft flame into a powerfully accurate blue torch. Available in a wide variety finishes, the Le Grand is the most stunning combination flame lighter on the market today and truly the best you can buy. From $1,065,