LA-Based Startup Brings Innovative Wearable Gym and Fitness Tracker to Market

Learn more about an innovative technology that’s allowing users to get a complete workout on the go.

Hyfit is looking to break ground in the health and fitness market. The firm’s new product is a compact exercise tool that features proprietary resistance bands that connect the user’s wrists and ankles, offering more than 250 exercise options. The wrist bands have embedded sensors that monitor heart rate and provide the user with feedback. Enhanced wireless connectivity, mobile app integration, and comprehensive training reduce the learning curve and improve fitness results.

Co-founded in 2016 by Guy Bar and Dan Strik, the venture got its start in Israel and was successful in obtaining funding for the initial development and marketing; however, the young founders discovered that more opportunities exist domestically to raise capital and distribute to a mass market. Bar, CEO, developed a passion for tension-based workout tools during his time in the Israeli military, serving in the tank and combat skills division. He also brings experience as a personal trainer to the design and implementation of Hyfit. Bar observed the need for an exercise system that could provide a complete workout in any location, regardless of travel, housing, and working accommodations.

“Hyfit gives the user more insight and detailed information on how their workout affects their body, and what results they are achieving each day, than any other wearable exercise product to-date,” said Bar. “Combining the most advanced fitness measurement technology with the convenience and versatility of tension cord training, we created a truly portable and comprehensive personal gym experience that can be used anywhere, any time.”

The mission of Hyfit’s creators is to offer a high-tech portable solution to the fitness needs of diverse users and improve the quality of their everyday lives. The ease of use and real-time interactivity of the device and accompanying app provides the accountability and motivation needed to maintain consistency, intensity, and achieve results. Hyfit also includes excellent support and training, including complete instructional videos and tutorials within the app.

The monitoring unit is equipped with an accelerometer and other sensors that allow the device to measure and analyze body tension, repetitions, BMI, heart rate, strength building, and calories burned. In conjunction with the mobile app, the user can get a complete picture of their workout, effectiveness, and results. The novel design incorporates exercise methodologies that allow an intense and customized regime that balances resistance training with aerobic exercise. The device includes a high-end ‘mesh’ fabric wristband lining that wicks moisture and provides a comfortable workout experience.

“Wearable Gym not only tracks your workout, it is your workout,” said Bar, “It’s time for a significant advancement in what people see as workout gear. Wearable Gym incorporates IoT (internet of things) into the actual workout equipment, similar to what Tesla did in the auto industry. The concept is to allow users to maintain their workout goals and track their growth through this advanced, connected device.”

The concept for the product was inspired by an existing workout system that utilizes tension bands. The differentiator for Hyfit is the connectivity and interactivity of the device, as well as it’s tremendous versatility and portability, traits not found in any other exercise solution available. For busy professionals and exercise enthusiasts, the Hyfit is compact, stylish, convenient, and allows a full body workout in any environment.

The Hyfit systems offers several key benefits including a complete workout, tension tracking, versatility, and connectivity. The R&D team designed the product to target every muscle group, achieving both cardio and strength building objectives. The app offers comprehensive training, frequently updated content, and the ability to collaborate with professional trainers. An innovative tension measurement system enables the device to monitor workout intensity and provide appropriate feedback to minimize overexertion.

It has a high-end, futuristic look. It’s like getting a smart, portable gym. All workout data is transmitted to the application that further analyzes your workout and sends it anywhere – to your fitness professional or anywhere you want it to go. It’s your personal trainer in a box.

A compact design and travel case expand the opportunities for exercise and save users time and expense compared to conventional exercise approaches. The tensions cords can also be attached to external points, such as railings, to improve the range and depth of each workout session. One of the most innovative features is its connectivity with the bundled app, as well as convenient and advanced wireless charging capability. The app features training programs, video groups, and virtual classes to help educate and motivate users.

The Kickstarter campaign launches(ed) on Tuesday, March 20th, 2018. For those that back the project early, a 50% discount will be given on the retail value of the Hyfit. Pre-orders will ship in April, with the full launch and availability in May.

The firm chose to pursue crowdfunding through Kickstarter due to the platform’s success in helping similar ventures obtain financing for new product launches in the health, fitness, and wearables industry. The firm has an objective of acquiring 60k pre-orders via Kickstarter, with the short-term goal of 150k orders annually. After the Kickstarter campaign, the firm plans to raise six million in venture capital to hire staff, complete the GYM X (military version of Hyfit), and launch new products in 2019.

For more information, visit Hyfit’s kickstarter page