This Time It’s Personal

Products for the innovative individual

Ergonomic Standing Platform

We could probably all stand to sit a little less at work. Why not make your standing desk more dynamic with Fluid Stance’s American-Made Level, which incorporates the subtle motion that makes swivel chairs so satisfying? It’s probably not advisable to spin in circles on this — a practice you are, of course, too mature and professional to indulge in — but you can enhance your core and balance while getting work done.
/ $339


Handheld 3D Scanner

In less than 1/10 of a second, you can capture a high-resolution, 3-D model of any item around you. Whether for 3-D printing or myriad on-screen applications, SCANIFY takes in every detail with accuracy. The scanner comes with software to help you make the most of your three-dimensional snapshots, taking you even further beyond the two dimensions of photography.
/ $1,490


Intelligent Luggage

This compact carry-on is perfect for everyone, from the seasoned traveler to newbies anxious about lost luggage. Connecting to your Bluesmart Smart Luggage with an app on your phone isn’t the only bonus feature. Lightweight materials give you more leeway when packing and USB ports allow you to charge your device wherever.
/ $399


Sensory Fitness Gear

Instead of a personal trainer, invest in the objective and intimate feedback offered by Athos. With muscle activity, heart rate, and breathing sensors that deliver analysis direct to your smartphone (via the accompanying app), this is the ultimate workout partner. Athos is also there to help you prevent injuries, helping you avoid trips to the doctor instead of avoiding trips to the gym.
/ $398 Upper Body, $348 Lower Body

_Tech1Sprinkler Control System

Water is the watchword, these days. The Skydrop Smart Sprinkler Controller takes the stress of water-usage out of your hands. By accessing hyper-local weather data, it adapts to the needs of the environment all on its own. You can monitor and make whatever adjustments you need from your smartphone or computer. An added bonus: you may be eligible for rebates from your local water district.
/ $299


Wireless Waterproof LED Lamp

The possibilities are (almost) endless with this innovative light source. Smart & Green’s Portable LED Lamp is waterproof, shockproof, cordless, and rechargeable. On top of that, it can be lit up in a vast array of colors, in various levels of brightness. The energy-efficient LEDs can last an estimated 50,000 hours — that’s about five and a half years of multi-use, multi-colored light.
/ $299