Senses of Style

The best to see, hear, smell, touch, and taste

Angel’s Envy Custom Bourbon Blend

There are only five basic tastes we can experience, but who says you can’t mix and match? The self-described “bourbon malcontents” at Angel’s Envy work with select establishments to create unique signature blends of Angel’s Envy. Case in point: InterContinental Hotel Los Angeles. Executive Chef Jonathan Wood is a huge fan of the distiller’s Art of Blending program. “For us, it’s an opportunity to offer our hotel and restaurant guests something they can’t get anywhere else in the world. I worked closely with the Angel’s Envy team to create an exclusive bourbon blend that has hints of caramel, vanilla and oak, with a finishing taste of maple, toffee, and dark fruit like raisins and cherries. It’s a slightly different take on the original Angel’s Envy blend, and we’re thrilled to have a unique flavor all our own.” Experience unique Angel’s Envy Custom Bourbon blends at these local establishments: InterContinental Hotel Los Angeles, Craft Los Angeles, and Misfit.
/ Price available upon inquiry


Brendan Ravenhill Pivot Chandelier

Our sense of sight is entirely dependent on light. While you can’t change what people see, you can influence how well they see it. Whatever you want to show off—priceless art, impressively packed bookshelves, or a statement-making piece of furniture—you’ll need good lighting. Made by LA-based designer Brendan Ravenhill, this chandelier’s adjustable shades allow you to direct light and sight where you want.
/ $5,800


Devialet Phantom Speakers

When we hear, our ears take in everything. To ensure you only hear the best, invest in the highest quality speakers. This tiny powerhouse wirelessly plays music from any device anywhere in your house. You can combine up to 24 Phantoms for the ultimate surround sound.
/ Starting at $1,990


Longchamp Le Foulonné Document Holder

Unlike the other four senses, touch is not centered in one part of our body, but instead we experience it all over. Perhaps just hold this bag—or sling it over your shoulder—rather than rubbing it all over your body. This sleek leather document holder is a treat for your hands, and pretty handy, too.
/ $745


Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Cologne

Smell is the sense most closely tied to memory, whether good or bad. Do yourself, and everyone around you, a favor by making sure you create only good memories. A whiff of pine can take you back to Christmas ten years ago, and a distinct fragrance can give you just as much impact. Rich and smooth, this one-of-a-kind eau de parfum from Tom Ford ensures you will leave your mark.
/ $535