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Carol A. Polevoi, LMFT, CBS, CPC '14 C-Suite Advisor Since 2014

Licensed Psychotherapist and Wellness Coach |


Ms. Polevoi provides support and innovative therapeutic interventions to help clients relieve physical and psychological pain as well as resolving troublesome patterns of behavior so they can live happier and more fulfilling lives. A mental health specialist for over 30 years, Carol A. Polevoi is the former clinical director of the Counseling Resource Center.  Ms. Polevoi works with individuals, families, couples, groups, and businesses as a licensed psychotherapist, certified as an Integrative Body Psychotherapist (IBP) and teacher,  biofeedback specialist, and wellness and weight coach. Ms. Polevoi specializes in mind/body therapy, relationships, stress management, business coaching, and how the psychology of eating our overall wellbeing. Prior to her current practice, Ms. Polevoi spent fifteen years in corporate lending as a manager and trainer, and five years in education as a teacher and counselor. She is currently available for national and international Zoom calls.

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