Look After Yourself to Maximize Your Life

How would you live if you knew your life could end at any time? Make a plan to live for today.

As I write this I have been reflecting on the finiteness of our lives. Even if we live a long life it is still a relatively short period of time. There are things we are putting off doing for any number of reasons.

Some of these things include:

  • Spending time and deepening relationships with the most important people in our lives
  • Planning time away from work to reflect and rejuvenate
  • Taking up or spending time enjoying a hobby
  • Going to an event that is costly
  • Buying something that is a want and not a need

As of late I have been reminded yet again that for some people life ends too soon. What if we don’t have the time we think we have? Many of us have experienced loss of family, friends, and/or co-workers whose lives were taken too early. We must plan for tomorrow but we must also live for today. Who knows how much time we have?

We are in the midst of a mortgage origination period that is more active than we have experienced in the past few years. For many of us our incomes are up but we don’t have as much free time as we have had during the past few years. Thus our ability to take time away or go on vacations is lessened. I make the argument that we can’t take it with us and if there is a place we really want to visit or a hobby we are passionate about we must act on that today regardless of how busy we are.

My mother used to tell me that there is no debtor’s prison. Life is to be enjoyed because it moves past us quickly. I am of the mindset that we have to take time away from our busy professions. I also believe we need to live while we can. If that means spending some of our savings or going into debt to experience something that is important to us, we must do it, including building relationships, traveling, and pursuing hobbies.

Some things I practice to ensure I am living for today include:

  • I am home at or before 6 p.m. every night of the week to spend time with my wife and kids.
  • I intentionally block time during the week and on the weekends to spend time with my wife and kids.
  • I always have something I am looking forward to:
    • Something I want to watch on TV or a movie I am interested in
    • A concert by a band I enjoy
    • A day or weekend away from work to practice my hobby
    • A weekend away with my wife
    • A week’s vacation with my family

What if tomorrow never comes? Are there things you would regret not saying or doing?

“Regret and fear are the twin thieves that rob us of today.” –Robert Hastings

Daryl Wizelman is the Executive Vice President of California Production for Draper and Kramer Mortgage Corporation. He retains 25 years of experience in the mortgage industry. Read more of Daryl Wizelman’s Thought Leadership here.