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Jeffrey R. Knakal '13 C-Suite Advisor Since 2013

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Jeffrey Knakal is an experienced investment banker having built successful practices for JP Morgan, Credit Suisse and Daiwa Securities in New York and achieving a number of “first-time” time transactions for Fortune 500 companies. In 1994, Jeff founded Growth Partners to provide a next-generation offering to C-Suite executives of middle-market companies based on the integration of strategic engineering and investment banking. The firm possesses a turnkey set of M&A, capital formation and corporate development capabilities. It specializes in “Value Creation” activities, which pertain to defining and executing a company’s next-level development to create new value (Jeff founded two $100 million companies based on horizontal integration theses and acquisitions), and “Value Realization” activities, which pertain to preparing for, and executing a liquidity event in a manner to maximize value. Jeff has degrees from the Wharton School and NYU.

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Partial Liquidity Alternatives

Owners typically work a lifetime building their companies and most have their wealth embedded within the...
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Initial Public Offerings

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Strategic Engineering

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The Value of an Investment Banker

Investment banking evolved from the 18th-century European merchant banking system which was dedicated to...
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Managing to Maximize Value

Value Maximization pertains to managerial decisions and actions that are not necessarily event-based, but...
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Optimizing a Liquidity Event

Remember, each owner’s assessment of risk and reward is relative, and there will always be buyers that will...
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Capital Formation

Given the importance of capital formation to all companies, this article will refresh understandings and...
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