What to Do When You Have Nothing to Wear

Think of your wardrobe as a branding exercise.

How do you dress up in a dressed-down world? During COVID-19, business casual got a lot more casual. So what should you do to stay looking sophisticated, even if you’re doing deals from the sofa?

What used to be suits and sport coats has become T-shirts and potentially a jacket on top (if we’re lucky). After months of becoming accustomed to the norm of our reality, our wardrobe has to follow suit. Personal styling is the core of what we do and our motto has been that you need to get dressed every day—no matter what. Put on that outfit you love, put on that makeup regardless of who sees you, because you need to feel good for yourself. That’s the most important thing, especially at this time!

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We are believers in the truth that if you look and feel the part, you’ll perform at your best. Studies show that the better you dress, the more confident you become. The more confident you are, the better you perform in your job and all areas of your life. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Bree Jacoby personal stylist

Custom Breespoke suit for a male member in San Jose.

People are quick to judge and, unfortunately, the first thing that is judged is the way we look—even, and especially, in this virtual world.

The average amount of time to make a first impression is just seven seconds. People are quick to judge and, unfortunately, the first thing that is judged is the way we look—even, and especially, in this virtual world. Before you open your mouth, you’re being judged on your appearance. 

Whether you believe it or not, you are building your own personal brand with every wardrobe choice you make. And every time you make an impression with your appearance, you’ll leave your stamp on someone. The goal is to make sure that stamp is how you’d want to be seen.

Bree Jacoby personal stylist

A client getting a custom Breespoke jacket made with a Stylist at BREE JACOBY, Home of Style.

It’s important to spend time and really get clear on what signifies your personal brand. I suggest thinking of your brand as something you want others to view you as and associate you with. 

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Do you run your own company? If so, does your brand have colors that you’d subliminally like people to think about when they see you. It could be an opportunity you’re missing with every bland wardrobe choice!

When I work with founders and CEOs of large companies, that’s always something I am asking before styling them. I like to get to the core of someone’s “why” and then work backward on how they should appear. For example, when I started working with Alli Webb, founder of Drybar, I asked her if she wanted to wear more white—or yellow—to signify the iconic brand colors of Drybar. Not everyone may have a signature color that’s a household name, but you can still set the mood by thinking of your wardrobe as branding every time.

You should also ask yourself what you love to wear and really question why. A common misconception is that if you need to lose weight you wear oversized clothes to cover up areas you might not be confident about. What people don’t understand is that it does the opposite and makes it apparent that you have something to hide. Dressing for your body shape is a crucial part of looking and feeling good, no matter what you look like. And it’s always an opportunity to build your brand—as you build your confidence!