Cigars that Give Back

The cigar industry is committed to helping the communities that support them.

The Lone Wolf Cigar Company is dedicated to giving back to our community and philanthropic causes. Through auctions, donations, special discounts, and use of our community space, we support more than 20 Los Angeles schools, the Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Fire Department, Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department, multiple churches and synagogues, Toys for Tots, and Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step recovery programs. 

Arturo Fuente’s Angel’s Share cigar.

Lone Wolf has also worked with many companies that have established philanthropic foundations. One of our favorite partners is J.C. Newman Cigar Company. In 2001, it established the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation, which focuses on aiding families in the cigar-producing Bonao region of the Dominican Republic. An initial plan to add a wing to an existing school has blossomed into a 23-acre Cigar Family Complex consisting of two schools, a health center, organic farming program, and sports and recreation center. Through the complex, local families are given resources to thrive and J.C. Newman gives back to the community that helped create its success. 

The Cigar Family Charitable Foundation has helped schools in the Dominican Republic.

Another company we support is Arturo Fuente. When it comes to wine and spirits, the “angel’s share” refers to the amount of product that evaporates over the aging process and, according to legend, is imbibed by guardian angels who bless the finished product. Arturo Fuente suffered a fire in 2012 that destroyed a large portion of tobacco that had been aging for 50 years, designated for the company’s 100th anniversary. Stung by the disaster, the company chose to see it as an offering to the cigar gods and created a new cigar, the Angel’s Share (from $25).

The Cigar Family Charitable Foundation has installed solar panels at the schools.

The Angel’s Share is a variation on Arturo Fuente’s groundbreaking, exclusive Opus X cigar, the first to use Dominican Republic tobacco for a cigar wrapper, and offers a spice and strength rarely experienced in a Dominican cigar. The Angel’s Share uses leaves from the middle of the tobacco stalk instead of the top priming ligero leaves that gave the original Opus its fire and strength. The result is a more medium-bodied, smooth variation on the famous cigar with tasting notes of cocoa, nuts, and cedar. A portion of sales is donated to the Fuente family’s charitable foundation, assisting families in the impoverished tobacco-growing regions of the Dominican Republic.