The Best Upgrades for the Most Important Spaces in Your Home

With more time spent at home, we’re all looking for ways to make our living environments better—especially when it comes to cooking and sleeping. Here, a handful of high-end upgrades to elevate your daily routine.

Sleep on It 

At first repose, a Technogel mattress might not scream ultimate comfort. Its simple exterior design exudes sculpted rectangularity, but not necessarily plush comfort. However, it’s what’s inside that counts. In this case, the 13-inch-thick Vive mattress—the brand’s most elite model—features 1.25 inches of Technogel’s signature surface layer, which not only conforms to the body in every direction, but also cools the body by pulling heat away. But don’t confuse Technogel with memory foam. There’s no outgassing from toxic chemicals and no hardening or softening over time, setting the Italian brand apart. From $10,299 for a king-size mattress. 

The Good Sheet

For more than 40 years, Portuguese craftsmen have been creating bedding for Celso de Lemos from the finest cotton, silk, and linen sourced from across the world. Subtle in design, decadent to the touch, even the simplest white bedding from the brand oozes luxury from the moment you touch it. Beyond thread counts, which range from 700 to 1,400, what sets the brand’s bedding apart are the long and thin fibers that are strong yet silky to the touch. Celso de Lemos crafts custom collections for clients, but even the subdued monochromatic collections are the ultimate in crisp, cool sheeting—but you can’t experience it online. They’re only available in a handful of boutiques, including its flagship in New York on the Upper West Side. From about $1,000 for a king-size set.

Gaining Steam 

Germany-based Miele has long been known for crafting some of the most elite appliances in the world, praised for high-performance engineering and architectural design. Its Combi-Steam Oven launched in 2013 and was a game changer for novice and professional chefs alike, allowing for both MultiSteam technology that allows food to be crispy outside and succulent inside, and MTouch controls for perfect results at the touch of just a few buttons. Plus, there’s a roast probe to monitor when meat hits the perfect temperature; the combination of steam and convection means fast and even heat and steam distribution; and users can cook foods as dynamic as salmon, potatoes, and chocolate soufflé all at once, without flavor contamination. Now, the brand has improved the oven even more, creating an XXL version that allows for even more interior space, able to cook enough food to feed 10 people. From $4,299.

One-Stop Shop

When it comes to upgrading your kitchen, the new L’Atelier Paris showroom in West Hollywood is your one-stop shop (other outposts exist in New York and Miami, with Paris and London opening in 2021). The European brand was originally founded in 1830 but reimagined in 2019 by current owners Maria and Ricardo Moraes to offer cabinetry, ranges, and hardware (including knobs, pulls, faucets, and sinks), allowing for fully integrated kitchens that perform as beautifully as they look.

Gadgets Galore 

Available in Europe for years, Thermomix has just become available in the U.S., combining an astounding 22 different appliance options in a single device. The Wi-Fi-enabled appliance features more than 50,000 guided recipes that automate most of the work, from whisking and caramelizing to chopping, steaming, blending, kneading, sous-viding, and more. It can even save you a trip to the store by allowing you to order groceries directly through its built-in shopping app. $1,499.