The All-New 2021 Tahoe and Suburban SUVs

Chevrolet elevates the Tahoe and Suburban, transforming them into even more luxurious rides.

Scan the busy downtown streets in major metropolitan areas across the United States and you’ll find a common connector. Along Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, and coasting up Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive, thousands of Chevrolet Suburbans and Tahoes are transporting discerning executives in discreet comfort and style. That trend is likely to continue—it might even increase—with the launch of the new 2021 variants for both models.

The exterior of the 2021 Tahoe.

“We’ve taken what people love about these pioneering SUVs and made them even better,” says Barry Engle, executive vice president and president of General Motors North America. Those improvements are rooted in the company’s new full-size truck architecture, as well as new driving and entertainment systems tailored to meet the needs and expectations of today’s motorists and passengers.

The upgrades begin with a longer wheelbase and greater overall length, two areas of growth that impact both models; however, the Tahoe’s growth spurt is more substantial—the 2021 now features a wheelbase almost 5 inches longer than the previous model, and the vehicle has grown 6.5 inches from bumper to bumper. Those specs create additional legroom for passengers in both the second and third rows. They also produce substantially more cargo room (23 more cubic feet in the Suburban and more than 28 additional cubic feet in the Tahoe).

Inside the 2021 Suburban.

The Tahoe’s physical growth has also improved the vehicle’s curbside aesthetic. According to Tim Kozub, GM’s lead designer for exteriors, the SUV’s proportions are now more upscale and streamlined. “The longer wheelbase allows for the main body sideline to stretch farther over the muscular wheel flares, providing a more elegant appearance,” he says.

The exterior appearance of both models has also grown more refined thanks to the inclusion of High Country, Chevrolet’s top-level trim package, which softens some of the vehicles’ previously bright chrome accents, particularly the grille. As Kozub explains, “the satin chrome grille bars accented with godric [bronze] inserts gives the Tahoe and Suburban a more sophisticated, understated, luxury persona.”

Inside, High Country accents also enhance the cabin, reinforcing that these SUVs are built for discerning, luxury consumers. “The High Country offers a unique identity with exclusive colors, perforation patterns, and a bevy of soft materials,” says Jerry Durkin, interior design manager for Chevrolet SUVs. “A big inspiration for these ruggedly refined interiors was high-end furniture and the overall design execution they offer.”

The interior of 2021 Tahoe.

Numerous LCD displays throughout the cabin further elevate driver and passenger experiences. These include a central, 10-inch color touchscreen; available 15-inch Head-Up Display; and available dual, 12.6-inch, rear-seat displays, which are connected to an advanced media system. Viewing and interacting with the various LCD displays is made easier thanks to smooth rides delivered via a state-of-the-art suspension system, one that utilizes new Air Ride Adaptive technology and load leveling at all four corners. The system can also adjust riding heights by as much as 4 inches.

“We transformed the Tahoe and the Suburban to offer all-new technologies and features and deliver a better driving experience,” says Tim Herrick, vice president of global product programs. “With an increasing number of SUVs on the market, we knew the all-new Tahoe and Suburban needed to reach higher than ever.”

Pricing for the 2021 Tahoe and Suburban starts at $50,295 and $52,995, respectively.