CSQ&A: Thomas Wieners, ICON Aircraft

Thomas Wieners, President & COO of ICON Aircraft, shares his beliefs on personal flying and the challenges that his company may face.

CSQ: What is the vision for ICON Aircraft in the industry of sports flying in the next 5 to 10 years?
Thomas Wieners: We’d like to make personal adventure flying more accessible to those who want it. The A5 is an incredible airplane that’s unlike anything else…It’s fun, versatile, safe, beautiful, easy… But the A5 is just the beginning and we are ­all-in on bringing personal aviation to the masses.

CSQ: What is unique about the sport flying experience in the ICON?
TW: The A5 will change everything you thought you knew about flying. Much of today’s aviation–and the perception of aviation–is utilitarian. Going from Point A to  Point B as quickly as you can, hauling as many people and as much cargo as possible. That’s the opposite of the A5. This is about fun, and opening up adventures never before thought possible.

CSQ: What are some challenges that you face now to bring the flying experience to a broader audience?
TW: We’re still in a general awareness building phase. A lot of people, both pilots and non-­pilots, don’t know about the ICON A5 or about Sport Flying, and we need to inform people about how incredibly fun and easy it is to fly. Becoming a pilot is one of life’s most rewarding accomplishments. We’re expanding the category to bring more people in. Give us a month and we can make you a sport pilot.