Private Club Report: Core Clubs

A prestigious London-based club comes to Los Angeles to inspire an elite creative community, while the powerful mingle at one of the most exclusive spaces in New York

CORE: club

At a time when art and culture are blending into business and work, the CORE: club is the ideal place to be part of the zeitgeist. CORE, which opened in 2005, has become a center for the powerful and affluent, allowing New York’s elite to gather and share inventive ideas in a uniquely designed space. At CORE, members may design curated experiences, whether social, structured, or spontaneous. Benefits of membership include cultural programming, from Broadway openings to special events, and unique partnerships with luxury lifestyle brands providing exclusive, customizable services, products, and adventures. Superlative offerings range from trips by private jet to exotic locations and stays at suites at prestigious hotels around the world, to voyages on leisure yachts. CORE also features world-class dining for intimate dinners for members to engage in transformative discussions and catering for members’ private events. Members are leaders from across industry, lending their global thought and curiosity to the club’s prestige. A relative newcomer to the world of private clubs of old New York, CORE offers a wealth of creative connection and has become one of the most selective social clubs in the country.

Membership: Initiation fee $50,000

Sitting area to enjoy bright views of the terrace

Private screening room for special events

CORE’s modern library has a wide range of books to read or flip through during downtime

The gym, with an array of machines to keep members in tip-top shape


h Club, the prestigious London-based, members-only club founded by philanthropist and Microsoft mogul Paul Allen and musician Dave Stewart, is establishing its first international outpost in Los Angeles. Located in the former Redbury Hotel on Hollywood and Vine, the h Club, slated to open in February 2019, is sure to become LA’s home away from home for innovators to create, collaborate, and connect with others across industries like the arts, fashion, sports, tech, and entertainment. The completely transformed venue will feature five levels of dining, working, and entertainment spaces catering to members’ needs and desires. In true British fashion, a tea room with Japanese-inspired decor will encourage members to take reprieves from working to enjoy a sense of tranquility. On one of the midlevel terraces, members will be able to indulge in an outdoor oasis with a pool and lounge chairs arranged to take in views of the Hollywood Hills. Other h Club LA features include a recording space, a member gym featuring Technogym equipment, 35 luxury bedrooms, a salon, and a 49-seat private screening room. h Club, which celebrates the arts, promises to continue its tradition of exclusive member art programs showcasing emerging artists in Los Angeles. Another perk: Members will have access to the h Club’s diverse roster of international partner clubs, from Cape Town to Singapore. And in keeping with its philanthropic tradition, members will have the option of committing a portion of their fees to the h Club Foundation to support youth projects; the h Club Foundation, established in 2014, is vital to the club’s promise to help the local community and nurture its creatives. Membership comes in two tiers, h Club LA Membership and h Club LA-Under 27s, but details are under wraps.

Membership: Inquire online.

Rendering of the swimming pool, perched high above Hollywood’s Walk of Fame

Rooftop terraces will be abundant with plant life and seating for large gatherings or intimate sit-downs

Photo Credit: CORE: club — Andrea Conforme-Fauland for CORE; h Club — HKS