David R. Weiss

Owner | Lone Wolf Cigar Company

Consummate Connoisseur: Winter Cigars

A hearty selection of cigars from around the world to light up during winter weather, and a message of community, connection, and giving

“Cigars can be enjoyed as a social or solitary activity. The Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge was created with both in mind, to be a place for aficionados to smoke alone as a form of meditation, or to gather with associates and friends. Connection, philanthropy, and community are pillars of our mission. We proudly support the LAPD, LAFD, LAUSD, and many charitable golf tournaments, as our way of giving back. Cigars are our business, but community is our focus.” — David R. Weiss



Rare. Acquiring a box of these beauties for your personal collection is akin to picking a four-leaf clover while being struck by lightning, albeit far more enjoyable. Harder still is resisting the urge to smoke them all in one sitting. Intrigued? The release of this cigar made one of the biggest splashes in recent Habanos history and it has been selling out across the globe since its commercial release in 2010. Behikes contain a tobacco leaf that only grows on 2% of tobacco plants: medio tiempo, a leaf that produces incredible earthy flavors with a delicious cinnamon zest. The cigar is full in body, but its smoke is creamy and artfully blended. This is an example of Cuba and its El Laguito factory at its absolute best.

Size 4¾ X 52
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Filler Cuba
Good? Are you kidding?
MSRP $78


Dominican Republic

With their iconic, elegant bands and simple cedar boxes, Davidoffs are an unmistakable sight in a cigar shop. This year Davidoff celebrated 50 years of making cigars and over those decades has truly mastered the art of construction. All of its lines offer a unique smoking experience, but the Aniversario No. 3 is a bestseller worldwide. The size of this well-packed toro offers just the right amount of time to relax with a group of friends or retreat into the pages of that book you’ve been meaning to read. Whatever the activity, the No. 3 will be a remarkable companion. It delivers smooth draws of smoke full of rich cedar and a pleasant nutty finish that lingers until your next puff. Try to take your time with it, but if you just can’t help yourself, reach for the No. 3’s big brother: the Double R.

Size 6 X 50
Wrapper Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder Dominican Republic
Filler Dominican Republic
Good? Is a Mercedes good?
MSRP $23-25


Dominican Republic

With words like ligero, oscuro, and la flor, and Dominicana’s reputation for crafting super full-bodied cigars, you expect the L-400 to carry a formidable kick. What you get is one of the most balanced, flavorful, and smooth cigars on the market. Sometimes medium-bodied cigars leave you wanting more, while other times they’re stronger than you were hoping for, but the L-400 is consistently just right. You can’t help but smile when you open a cedar cabinet of these gems and behold their ultra-oily wrappers. Flavors are earthy and loaded with warm cooking spices like nutmeg. For me the most enjoyable aspect is the sweet note on the retrohale; it makes every puff better than the last. These are some tasty cigars that can be enjoyed and add value to any time of the day.

Size 5¾ X 54
Wrapper Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder Dominican Republic
Filler Dominican Republic
Good? The Godfather: Part II good.
MSRP $7- $9


Miami, FL

Tatuaje has grown into a truly formidable brand since its debut in 2003. While today Tatuaje has many lines under its umbrella, including an array of treasured limited editions, it’s always a joy to return to the line that started it all. It goes by many names: Cabinet, Miami, or most commonly the Brown Label. These cigars are proudly made at the El Rey de Los Habanos Factory in Miami, Fla., and are a great way to introduce your palate to cigars with spices that aren’t overpowering. There is a unique peppery note that begins most Tatuajes; the cigar comes out strong as the flames wake up the well-aged tobaccos. The first third of the cigar opens up to a phenomenal woodsy taste with a luxurious touch of leather. This quintessential torpedo is expertly rolled by artisans devoted to making the finest cigars possible.

Size 61/8 X 52
Wrapper ­Ecuadorian Habano
Binder Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Good? Try great.
MSRP $12


Dominican Republic

When you’re in the mood for a mild to medium cigar that still delivers plenty of flavor and character, you can’t go wrong by reaching for a Diamond Crown Connecticut. It is unique in the world of Connecticut Shade cigars due to the wrapper’s five years of aging and additional fermentation process. The result is a cigar that is florally, sweet, and carries a touch of citrus that dazzles the palate. Packaged in boxes of 15, these cigars are perfect for weddings, bachelor parties, or wherever you want to pass out a crowd-pleasing luxury cigar. A note on Diamond Crown’s packaging: It’s the best in the business. All of its lines come in incredibly unique box presentations that make for unforgettable gifts or that much-deserved personal treat.

Size 61/2 X 54
Wrapper ­U.S.Connecticut Shade
Binder Dominican Republic
Filler Dominican Republic
Good? First class.
MSRP $14 – $15