Masquerading Technology as Art

Invoke streamlined design and artistic elements to beautifully integrate technology into your home

As you comb through the various rooms in your home, you are likely to find a piece of technology that stands out. Usually black in color and without any natural appeal, this equipment steals the focus of the room and in turn the balance of the interior design.

Just as life imitates art, manufacturers have taken notice of the shift in décor trends and are producing cutting-edge technology that serves, not only function, but also showcases innovative design characteristics to meet the needs of more sophisticated consumers. A great example of high-end audio overcome by art design is KEF’s Blade speakers, known as “the world’s first Single Apparent Source loudspeaker.” Presenting itself as a smooth-flowing art sculpture, the BLADE architecture’s advanced driver technology reveals a lush and realistic sound that goes beyond conventional speakers.

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Similarly, DEVIALET’s new Phantom series speakers are one of the best brands in the market for producing a high-level precision sound with multilevel functionality and are designed with simple elegance, looking more like a sculpture of modern art than an audio component.

On the other end of the audio video world, televisions and displays have more aptly adopted to progressive and modern designs. Offering tremendous innovations and advanced qualities, smart televisions by SEURA, which are framed as mirrors but with the touch of a screen, come alive as Smart Tablets. With WiFi capability, you can instantly check your email, update your calendar, post to social media, or read digital news right from your mirror. With hands-free voice activation and intuitive touch control options, you can synchronize your innovative Smart Mirror to access your home security system, control lighting and audio, and to serve as a Smart Technology hub for the entire home. And because they are fully-customizable, the Smart Mirror can be modified to accommodate your home’s design needs for size, color and motif. Ideally the consumer will experience a purposeful balance of functionality and design elements of the mirror with added capabilities that you never had before. Televisions no longer have to be a separate element that don’t blend with the rest of the home. Now, the home design takes on precedence but with new, innovative capabilities built into it.

Our goal is always to match the needs and wants of the client to the specified design. In doing so, we pledge our allegiance to our clients’ needs rather than to promoting a certain brand.

Online interactive art is a complimentary component that creates new function for televisions and displays. Delivered as a streaming service, this technology provides rotating art that is displayed on various screens. By incorporating many of the existing elements from other popular streaming services, the homeowner has the flexibility to create a “playlist” of their favorite style, artist or specific pieces and can manage how frequently they are rotated. Unlike previous iterations of this technology which required sophisticated and dedicated equipment, the true value of this technology is the ease of installation to existing displays and televisions.

In contrast to hiding technology in various rooms, a new trend has emerged that requires larger and dedicated floor space in easily accessible and visible areas. Filled with lights, multi-colored wires, and black metallic finishes, technology equipment is easy on the eyes. Traditionally, audio video equipment would be locked away in closets and other hidden spaces. However, when properly designed, technology equipment and the housing racks provide a modern and fairly majestic look, as such, they also serve as a showpiece. The transition from their primary purpose of unifying all the wiring and electronics needed for the home’s audio, video, security and other functions, the rack is coming into its own in making a contribution to the home’s overall design.

As the manufacturers transition their new products to achieve a more artistic look and design, the homeowner is in a good position to dictate what they want. With so many vendors competing for the consumer’s business, there’s a wide range of options to choose from in the color, design, or specification of your choice. High-end products typically offer full customization that fits any home and style.

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If you are looking to upgrade your technology, now is the best time to do so. As the technology experts in creating seamless environments for the home, we typically work with the architects and designers on the front end to collect the necessary specifications, then deliver numerous solutions to fit their designs. Once a decision has been made on the technology to use, we can then install and deliver integration of those products to the home.

Our goal is always to match the needs and wants of the client to the specified design. In doing so, we pledge our allegiance to our clients’ needs rather than to promoting a certain brand. With the new design-oriented technology, interior designers and homeowners can create a seamless look that flows throughout a home, with components that have a built-in appreciation for state-of-the-art design.