NextGen10: Real Estate & Finance [2018]

The 2018 NextGen 10 in Real Estate and Finance have a proven track record of success, investing in economies, building infrastructure, and sustaining growth in Los Angeles, New York, and beyond.

As we celebrate 10 years of publishing and our expansion into a second market—New York—it is our pleasure to also celebrate the continued expansion of our NextGen community. For the first time since its inception in Q1 2013, we are presenting a class of under-40 industry leaders in the Real Estate and Finance space. From financial literacy advocacy and real estate technology to commercial real estate brokerage and economic development, the 2018 NextGen 10 in Real Estate and Finance have a proven track record of success, investing in economies, building infrastructure, and sustaining growth in Los Angeles, New York, and beyond.

Solutions Owner for Valuation & Advisory
Cushman & Wakefield

Commercial real estate services company

Residence Greenwich ­Village, NY
Education New York University
Industry Real Estate
Company HQ Chicago, IL
Notable Projects C&W’s partnership with Bowery is something I am proud of. ­Together, we are working to drive change within the appraisal industry.
Advice Write down your goals. Having written goals creates accountability and allows you to better track your progress and successes.
Success Being able to do something you are passionate about. If you don’t have passion then you will never be at your best.
Mentor I found a mentor early in my career at J.P. Morgan Chase, Chad Tredway, who taught me a lot about how to drive change within a large organization and how to be proactive in managing my career.
Local Company Admired MetaProp
First Job Interned with an architecture and urban design consulting firm in Brooklyn during college and spent a whole summer building furniture for an installation at MoMA PS1
Guilty Pleasure Coffee and ice cream
In the Morning Read through my morning newsfeed—­Axios, The New York Times, and Bloomberg Technology
Before Bed The New York Times Crosswords
2018 Travel to three new countries

Founder & Financial Planner
Brunch & Budget

Affordable financial planner for young people

Residence Brooklyn, NY
Education UCSB
Industry Financial Services
Company HQ Brooklyn, NY
Awards & Honors Investment News 40 under 40
Notable Projects Launching Dead Day Job Army, a group financial planning platform addressing the specific and unique financial needs of ­people of color
Advice Where you spend your money is a representation of what you value
Success Putting my phone away and taking a step back from business to focus on my personal and family life
Mentor My old manager, Dan Collins, who is now a wealth manager at UBS
Local Companies Admired Junior Baby Hatter, Bondfire Radio, An Actor Tapes, Monk’s Meats, TONL
First Job Cashier at Ross
Guilty Pleasure Salt & Vinegar Kettle chips
Up at Night Wondering if I’m making a difference
2018 Continuing to grow partnerships with the Racial Wealth Divide Initiative at Prosperity Now, diving into growing the Brunch & Budget podcast, and reaching more people through financial literacy education

Director, Portfolio Management
Guggenheim Partners

Global investment and advisory financial services firm

Residence Mar Vista, CA
Education LMU
Industry Asset Management
Company HQ New York, NY
Awards & Honors Hobson Scholar
Notable Projects
Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) research from past career as ESG ­becomes mainstream
Advice Be humble.
Success “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”
— Henry David Thoreau
Mentors Linda Marban, Scott Minerd, Anne Walsh
Local Company Admired Shaggy Entertainment
First Job Waiting tables —where I learned to read people
Guilty Pleasure Shake Shack
In the Morning Kiss my wife then check Bloomberg (she would say they happen the other way around).
Before Bed Have a dance party with my daughters (1 and 3) always beginning with Pitbull’s “Timber”
2018 Participate in a triathlon

Chief Investment Officer
Horsman Holdings LLC

Investment company for alternative investment hedge funds, private equity, real estate, and venture

Education University of Arizona
Industry Hedge Funds & ­Private Equity
Company HQ Miami, FL
Notable Projects Co-founder of Blue Sand Securities LLC, a 30-person placement agency focused on alternative investments that has raised $15B client funds; co-founder of Merion Investment Management LP, an $860M litigation hedge fund; co-founder of Innovation Shares, an AI-driven ETF Sponsor focused on
cutting-edge themes whose first products include NYSE: KOIN (focused on Blockchain) and NYSE: EKAR (focused on Next Gen Vehicles)
Advice Find a niche and be the absolute best you can be at it.
Success Independence
Mentor Manny Friedman of EJF Capital LLC
Local Companies Admired Blackstone, Citadel, Millennium
First Job When I was 6 years old, my family lived near University of Wisconsin while my father finished medical specialty training. I would self park cars for $10 on my parents’ lawn on game day.
Guilty Pleasure Golfing, ­restaurants, spear fishing
Up at Night Usually thinking through some issue in one of my businesses and how we are going to work through it
2018 Launching several new ventures: an ETF Sponsor called innovation Shares, a new Litigation Funding Vehicle at Merion, and a third litigation-­related investment business

Managing Director
Hughes Marino

Commercial RE firm representing tenants and buyers

Residence Beverly Hills, CA
Education University of San Diego
Industry Corporate Real Estate Advisory
Company HQ San Diego, CA
Awards & Honors Broker of the Year two-time winner; America’s Cup Polo Champion; #1 Best Place to Work in LA (LABJ), #7 Best Place to Work in the nation (Fortune), #2 Company Culture in the nation ­(Entrepreneur)
Notable Projects Founding Hughes Marino’s LA and OC offices; leading efforts to pass state legislation that protects companies from the outdated and conflicted paradigm in which most of the commercial real estate services industry operates
Advice When it gets hard, when you are on the edge of what you think is possible, that’s when it really counts to keep going.
Success Giving the people and priorities in my life every ounce of effort I have, making my family, team, and close friends proud, and striving to live a meaningful life, full of passion, with a lasting impact on those for whom I care
Local Company Admired SpaceX
First Job Started working in commercial real estate at age 15
In the Morning Wake up at 4 a.m., get into the office within 45 minutes, and strategize on the day over breakfast.
Before Bed Read for 30 minutes.
Up at Night The fact that business is the world’s most competitive 24-hour sport and there are no timeouts
2018 To continue working for our company’s clients, helping our existing team reach their full potential, and welcome amazing new people to the Hughes Marino family as we expand our existing offices and open new ones

Bowery Valuation

Software company redefining the commercial appraisal space

Residence East Village, NY
Education McGill University; University of Pennsylvania
Industry Real Estate
Company HQ Chelsea, NY
Advice Smile once in a while, it even uses less muscle, and “Mad at the world when all you gots to do is just hustle” from the song “Go Somewhere” by Devin the Dude (Noah); As my father said when I was applying to law schools, “Careers are long. You’ve been desperate to live in New York. Go to New York. Find a job you think is interesting and if you want to go to law school in a few years, I can assure you, you aren’t going to regret being a lawyer for 45 years instead of 48.” (John)
Success Giving my team the support they need to excel (Noah); Answering “Yes” to “Did I have passion?” and “Did I make a dent in the universe?” (John)
Mentors Josh Isaacs; Eric ­Wexler
Local Companies Admired Compass; Union Square ­Hospitality Group
First Job Baseball operations intern, Toronto Blue Jays (Noah); commercial real estate appraiser (John)
Guilty Pleasure Tasty cooking videos; Season 1 of The OC
Up at Night Thinking of new ways we can deliver unparalleled service to our clients (Noah); What could we have done better today? (John)
2018 Keep growing (Noah); Open in a new market and maintain a culture where everyone on our team always feels appreciated, heard, and motivated (John)

Managing Director
Kennedy Wilson

A global real estate investment company

Education University of ­Arizona
Industry Real Estate & Finance
Company HQ Beverly Hills, CA
Notable Projects Acquisition of re-positioning of 400-430 California Street, San Francisco, CA; acquisition and stabilization of 90 East, Issaquah, WA; stabilization of 150-151 South El Camino Drive, Beverly Hills, CA
Advice Have a plan, and never be afraid to make decisions.
Success Being excited each and every day to get to live the life you have without money or other people to validate you
Mentors My mother—she gave me life—and Moshe Silagi—he changed my life
Local Companies Admired Bridgewater Associates, Riot Games
First Job Dishwasher
Guilty Pleasure Surfing
In the Morning Read, journal, meditate, and either go to the beach or gym
Up at Night My thoughts. I have terrible sleeping habits because my mind constantly wanders.
2018 Continuing to grow and learn both personally and professionally

Co-Founder, VP of Product

Commercial real estate marketplace for brokers with tools to manage the process from listing to closing

Residence Venice, CA
Education USC
Industry Real Estate ­Technology
Company HQ Venice, CA
Notable Projects Co-founded
CREXi, launched MVP in 6 months, grew user base to 65,000, and more than $350B in active properties ($1 trillion in listings to date)
Advice Love what you do and make an impact, and naturally the money will come.
Success Changing my industry by increasing productivity and decreasing costs
Mentors My father, Clark ­Landry, Justin Kennedy
Local Companies Admired Great White Restaurant, SpaceX, Swell Energy, Tesla
First Job Gardener at a hotel in Costa Rica (16 years old)
Guilty Pleasure Sour Patch Kids and Ed Sheeran
In the Morning Hot water with lemon and apple cider vinegar
Before Bed Cup of water and “SportsCenter”
Up at Night My employees
2018 CREXi to $100M valuation, say “yes,” and do more yoga

Architect & Senior Associate
Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners

International architecture, interior design, planning, and urban design firm

Residence Mar Vista, CA
Education Cal Poly SLO
Industry Architecture
Company HQ Santa Monica, CA
Awards & Honors 2016 AIA National Young Architect; 2016 ENR California Top 20 ­Under 40
Notable Projects U.S. Embassy in The Hague, Netherlands; U.S. Embassy in N’Djamena, Chad; U.S. Embassy in Berlin, Germany; University of Virginia College of Arts & Sciences South Lawn
Advice Always be open to accepting new opportunities. Don’t say “no” unless you have to. Oftentimes those opportunities open doors to additional, grander opportunities.
Success Setting challenging goals and achieving them with passion and self-betterment along the way
Mentors Krista Becker, ­Principal at ZGF; John Ruble, Partner at Moore Ruble Yudell
Local Company Admired EmpowHER
First Job Working as a sales associate in a tennis shop in high school
Guilty Pleasure Anything chocolatey, nutty, and salty—all together
In the Morning Coffee!
Up at Night At the current moment, my infant son keeps me up but prior to his birth in December, any unresolved drawing or spacial challenge.
2018 Mastering work-life balance

Senior VP

Nonprofit corporation that promotes economic growth across New York’s boroughs

Residence Brooklyn, NY
Education University of Georgia (B.A.); Columbia (M.P.A.); MIT (M.B.A.)
Industry Economic Development
Company HQ New York, NY
Awards & Honors Mix of journalism and leadership awards
Notable Projects Director of LA Mayor’s Operations Innovation Team; led the team that identified all the real estate in Los Angeles’ portfolio
Advice Go where the opportunities are; that will drive where you attend school, live, and help dictate where you should work.
Success High-quality work that inspires and sets the context for a greater challenge
Mentor Michael Kelly, Executive Director, LA Coalition for the Economy and Jobs
Local Companies Admired AECOM, Center for an Urban Future, Gensler, Regional Plan Association
First Job Bussing at a steakhouse in Stone Mountain, GA
Guilty Pleasure Memes
In the Morning Gaze out the window at the city.
Before Bed Plan for the day ahead.
Up at Night Maximizing my impact
2018 Understand economic issues more extensively, write poetry more often, and attend more theater shows