Cadillac Invites You to Start Your Engines

A quick flight by way of private jet, Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club is one of Las Vegas’ hidden gems, boasting world-class motorsport offerings for the thrill seeker in everyone.

There are few things in life that elicit the same reaction – nailing your first hole-in-one, popping a bottle of champagne after your first successful exit, or hearing your roadster exhaust crackle as you downshift onto Mulholland. Though these experiences are familiar to you, Las Vegas offers the same adrenaline rush, without the hard work.

Cadillac V-Performance Academy

Located just 55 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip, Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club is home to the longest road course in North America – more than six miles of racetrack and over 50 unique configurations. Located on site is the Cadillac V-Performance Academy, an exclusive opportunity to get behind the wheel of the CTS-V and ATS-V on one of the nation’s most prized racetracks. Designed to assist V-Series owners with the mastering of their craft, the V-Performance Academy comes standard with the purchase of a V-Series vehicle. For non-owners, the two-day school can be purchased starting at $2,740. Whether a Cadillac owner or package purchaser, your time at Spring Mountain will come with meals from their on site culinary team as well as round trip transportation to and from the airport.

Cadillac at Spring Mountain Motor Resort

While at Spring Mountain for the day (or weekend if you purchase the package), you will be treated to loft-style condominium suites as well as an 8,000-square-foot clubhouse, pool, racquetball court, and fitness facility.