Suite 100: Beverly Hills Aging Gracefully

In the early 19th century, Spanish farmers dubbed it Rancho Rodeo de las Aguas. Christened Beverly Hills nearly eight decades later by the Rodeo Land and Water Company, the city […]

In the early 19th century, Spanish farmers dubbed it Rancho Rodeo de las Aguas. Christened Beverly Hills nearly eight decades later by the Rodeo Land and Water Company, the city was named after Beverly, Massachusetts. The first home was completed in 1907; by 1912 Burton Green had completed the Beverly Hills Hotel. So enamored with the quality of the land were visitors to the hotel, many opted to take up residence. By 1914, there was sufficient population to incorporate as an independent city.

In 2014, Beverly Hills is throwing itself a year-long celebration in honor of turning 100. Famous ‘round the world as a city burgeoning with the finer things in life (from dining to fashion to life itself), Beverly Hills has earned its accolades. To commemorate, five fine hotels are celebrating five memorable decades, in five very exclusive suites.

Montage Beverly Hills (1940s)
The Elegance of 1940s Film Noir

suite-100-12The 1940s was a decade full of sophistication and mystery, idealized perfectly by one of Hollywood’s most iconic eras, Film Noir. The suite utilizes every inch of the room to master the look and feel of the era. The common areas, are filled with tidbits of history. Fan of classic Hollywood cinema, give an authentic replica Maltese Falcon script a flip through. Like to write, punch a few keys on the first ever “noiseless typewriter.” If script reading and typewriter fidgeting aren’t quite your speed, use the “press for champagne” button. Still not impressed? Have fun sneaking out of your suite and into the Montage’s private whiskey bar, £10.
$1,914 per night
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The Beverly Hills Hotel (1950s)
The Golden Age Inspired by Marilyn Monroe

suite-100The suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel is, on the inside, represented by vibrant colors and eclectic furniture while the patio is refined, and classy. The two tones come together to capture the essence of a frequent visitor to the hotel, Marilyn Monroe.

The designer, Tihany design, found inspiration from the work of Paul Williams. Williams is  the famed architect responsible for designing the Polo Lounge, the hotel’s signage, and for the pink-and-green color scheme. Guests will enjoy a variety of Marilyn-themed treats, notably the original artifacts from her estate. The experience doesn’t stop there. Soak in an entire in-suite library filled with Marilyn’s favorite books and films. The menu features her favorite supper meal; there’s also a prix fixe Champagne Bubble Bath menu.
$3,795 per night
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The Beverly Hilton (1960s)
Stylish, Sophisticated Sixties: A Re-Imagined Revolution

suite-100-4Wonderfully imagined to evoke the panache of Hollywood at the time, Tom Ford Design utilizes blacks and golds throughout the suite. The common area is adorned with a record player, AM/FM radio, television (playing The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show) and a minibar full of treats from the era. As exciting as the suite’s interior is, its location on the hotel’s top floor, perpendicular to the Stardust Room, provides an additional breathtaking dimension.
$1,914 per night
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L’Ermitage Beverly Hills (1970s)
The Era of Studio 54 | Fashion & Art Collide


Like Studio 54, the ’70s suite is bursting at the seams with excitement. If mirrors, furniture, and disco balls could talk, the pieces in this suite would have quite a story to tell.

With authentic Halstan clothing in the closet (each piece identifiable by which star wore it and when), and original works by Andy Warhol on the walls, the suite practically breathes with character. Designer Ken Fulk has ensured that you cannot take a step, grab a seat, or look in a mirror without feeling like a star; there’s even a runway for guests who want to make a dramatic entrance or exit.
$1,914 per night
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The Peninsula Beverly Hills (1990s)
The Birth of Modern Glamoursuite-100-9

The ’90s suite at The Peninsula Beverly Hills is somewhat of a modern departure from its sister suites. It pays tribute to the glamour and opulence that accompany Hollywood in the midst of award season. The bedroom, white from top to bottom, is reminiscent of episode of MTV’s Cribs. The fact that it is the only suite in the fleet with a full kitchen has one feeling right at home (despite the preponderance of white fur and red leather).

Guests itineraries are curated by the hotel concierge, and direct phone numbers of the hotel’s head chef and managing director are included. Hey, if you’re going to stay in a room meant for a star, you might as well play the part.
$6,000 per night
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