Aaron Kirman

President of the International Estates Division | Compass

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Q&A With Aaron Kirman, CEO and Techpreneur

Aaron Kirman is president of the International Estates Division at Compass and founder, CEO, and techpreneur of the eponymously named Aaron Kirman Group, which includes a team of nearly 100. With over $7B in luxury home sales, Kirman currently represents the largest market share of luxury listings in the country with over $2.2B in active luxury inventory, and over $725M in sales for 2020. Kirman kicked off 2021 by co-listing “The One,” America’s most expensive luxury property, for $350M.

Aaron Kirman has developed a reputation for representing the finest estates across the globe and is sought after by the most discerning clients, including titans of industry, celebrities, royal families, major lending institutions,and foreign investors. A prominent figure in the luxury real estate market for the past 20 years, Kirman is known for selling homes priced in the hundreds of millions of dollars and has received international acclaim for record-setting sales across Southern California, including selling the Danny Thomas Estate and Eddie Goetz Estate.

Compass Realty is the third-largest real estate company in the nation, and Kirman holds the No. 1 agent position in its network of 18,000 agents. He was ranked among the top-five luxury real estate agents in the US by the Wall Street Journal. The star of TV’s newest hit real estate show, Listing Impossible, on CNBC, Kirman is regularly featured in New York Times, BBC, Forbes, CNN, Los Angeles Times, Variety, London Times, E! Entertainment, and CBS. 

This year, Kirman is launching five new divisions under his Kirman Group brand focusing on angel investing, a fellowship and scholarship program, and a coaching and philanthropy division.

Kirman was interviewed by CSQ in April 2021.

What luxury market trends in new developments and interior design do you see continuing in 2021, particularly in LA and NY?

In the luxury market, we’re seeing trends in intelligent smart space design and floor planning, which have become increasingly important over the past year. While people still love an open floor plan, privacy and formalized rooms (dining room, office, etc.) have become more desirable with families now spending more time at home and needing defined spaces. Were going to continue seeing thoughtful design that embraces and enables people’s dynamic lifestyles.

How have housing needs and lifestyle preferences evolved for high-end buyers in the past year? What are some must-haves in high-end real estate?

Over the past year, with COVID restrictions, the home has really become everything for everyone. Buyers want to have offices, gyms, meditation rooms, screening rooms, pools, and areas for their children to study and do their Zoom classes. Anything they would normally have to leave the house to enjoy is being created within the confines of a home. In high-end real estate we are curators of luxury, so it’s our job to help clients envision how these needs will be met within a home.

1108 Wallace Ridge. Photo: Douglas Friedman

What are some of the options available for people looking to invest in luxury real estate?

There are a lot of options. However, inventory and new construction are at an all-time low and so are interest rates. This has caused home prices to skyrocket. Buyers can still find high-end properties to purchase; they just have to pay top dollar and be prepared to hold onto it for a while.

What should home buyers keep in mind before investing in a luxury real estate property?

Buyers need to keep in mind that they will be purchasing a home at an inflated price, and what goes up will also come down. But real estate is cyclical and it continues to be the safest investment one can make. With interest rates so low, it’s still a good time to buy. Before making any purchase it’s important for buyers to educate themselves and do their due diligence. If they’re going to move forward with a purchase it should be with a product they really love and will have long term.

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