L.A. startup Techstars and Starburst Aerospace Partner for Aerospace Program

As if SpaceX, Virgin Orbit, Rocket Lab, Relativity Space, and others hadn’t done enough to establish Southern California as a hub for a new era of space exploration, along comes Techstars Starburst Space Accelerator.

A partnership between L.A. startups Techstars and Starburst Aerospace, the entity provides yet another avenue of entry for stratosphere-bound entrepreneurs. The new aerospace program will be managed by Matt Kozlov, who previously spearheaded a health-focused accelerator between Techstars and Cedars-Sinai. In comments during the announcement, Kozlov indicated that bringing together vital industry leaders via the endeavor will quicken the pace of innovation and ease logistical hurdles to getting new technologies to market. “We will help founders achieve two years of commercial traction in three months,” he predicted in an early 2019 interview with TechCrunch. The program begins in July, with a Demo Day scheduled for October 10, 2019.