LeBron James Will Now Be Dunking for LA

On Sunday, July 1, Los Angeles was overjoyed by the news that another NBA legend will be joining the purple and gold as LeBron James, formerly of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat, starts a new chapter of his basketball career on the sunny West Coast.

The three-time NBA champion signed a four-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers for a very pretty penny—$153.3M to be exact. James leaves the Cavaliers dominating in almost every major statistical category: games played, points, rebounds, assists, and more. Former leader of the Lakers, Kobe Bryant, warmly welcomed James, while the rest of Twitter rightly went insane. James arrives at a highly pivotal time for the storied franchise, as it seeks to cinch another national championship after a dismal last season. With James, that dream may well come true.

LeBron’s Salary Breakdown

4 Seasons

1 Season

1 Game

1 Quarter

1 Minute

1 Second