Aggregating This Quarter’s Aviation News

Various trending news in the Aviation industry

An Aviation-Industry Veteran Joins the Spike Aerospace Team

Recently retired Vice Chairman of Deloitte, Tom Captain, has joined the Spike Aerospace team as an executive advisor. He led his previous company’s aerospace division, making him an ideal candidate to advise the Supersonic business jet builder. The allure of the aerospace company for Captain arose from the development of the S-512. The S-512 will have a price tag of $100M and a boom—the jet will break the sound barrier and fly more than 450 mph faster than any other civilian aircraft.

The Challenger 350 Becomes the Leader in the Sky

In 2014 Bombardier introduced their super midsize aircraft, the Challenger 350. In the years since, it has been highly sought out by aircraft rental services like NetJets and Flexjet. By 2017, it surpassed 200 deliveries. The light-class Embraer Phenom 300 had been the leader in deliveries since 2013 but in 2016, the Challenger was one unit behind. The following year, the Challenger completed 56 deliveries, solidifying its place as most-delivered business jet with the Phenom and the midsize Cessna Citation Latitude in second and third respectively.


BLADE—the on-demand helicopter company that took Manhattan by storm—is now in LA offering trips from Santa Monica to Staples Center starting at $125 a seat. Flying out of the city not across it? BLADE’s jet charter comes with helicopter transfer, choppering you across town directly to your private plane.