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James Engel '14 C-Suite Advisor Since 2014

CEO | JV Property & Brokerage, Inc.


James Engel is a native Angeleno and seasoned real estate investor who oversees the day-to-day operations of over 4,000 real estate units as CEO of JV Property Management & Brokerage, Inc. James and his team specialize in managing multi-family, special use and commercial properties located west of the Mississippi River through a network of offices in Texas, Oklahoma, and California. He’s a graduate of UCLA and an avid student of real estate investment strategies and practices who has completed relevant courses from notable institutes such as MIT Sloan School of Management and Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Thought Leadership By James:

Real Estate as Art and Investment

As we enter the market of post crisis, real estate values have recovered significantly and have trended...
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One Investment for All Ages

Real estate can be one of the most complicated investment tools you choose to engage in your lifetime. Or you...
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Spring Forward

The residential real estate market has been seeing a surge in demand once again and a steady low interest...
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It’s All in the Approach

If you missed the resurgence of Culver City or the renaissance of Silver Lake, you’re not alone. Most real...
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