Dale Buckner

CEO & President | Global Guardian

Virtual Event | CSQ Speaker Series: Living in an Uncertain World

APRIL 2 | Join our conversation on Global Security Threats in the COVID-19 Economy with Dale Buckner, former Military Commander and CEO and President of Global Guardian.

The world is changing and one thing is for certain – uncertainty seems to be the trend. Amid sharply falling public markets and spiraling panic around the rapid proliferation of COVID-19, the cybersecurity industry seems to be well poised for sustainable growth despite some foreseeable turbulence. Join us for a virtual private conversation to find out how current events will shape future safety and security concerns – both in person and on the web – for global travelers and businesses. How do you best protect yourself and loved ones when traveling? What do you need to know about cybersecurity in a world of technological advances? And who is there to help if you encounter a crisis.

DATE | 2PM EST April 2
FORMAT | 45 min Presentation + 15 min Q&A
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