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Kurt Muehmel '21 Contributor Since 2021

Chief Customer Officer | Dataiku


Kurt Muehmel is the Chief Customer Officer at Dataiku. He was formerly Vice President of Solutions Engineering at Dataiku, where he built analytics and AI solutions for Fortune 100 companies worldwide and built its solutions engineering capability worldwide. Having worked with dozens of clients of all sizes and across a multitude of sectors, Kurt has developed a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities for companies looking to increase the value they’re deriving from their data and increase the capabilities of the growing teams of data scientists, engineers, and analysts. In a career that’s spanned several international moves, he’s worked for the United Nations, a Big Four consultancy, and a struggling high school in the Paris suburbs.

Thought Leadership By Kurt:

For a Sound MLOps Strategy, Everyone Needs to Be Involved

Succeeding with AI requires collective company progress and purpose.
By Kurt Muehmel | Dataiku