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The Need For Long-Term Care Insurance in Everyone’s Lives

As with car insurance, homeowner insurance, and health insurance, long-term care coverage is one of the...
By Scott Zimmerman | CorpStrat, Inc.

‘Survey Says’ … Show Me Long-Term Care Planning!

Martin Levy of CorpStrat Inc explains why having necessary conversations about long-term health care helps...
By Martin Levy, CLU/RHU | Corporate Strategies, Inc.

Annuities–Friend or Foe?

The most misunderstood consumer financial instrument in our economy
By Martin Levy, CLU/RHU | Corporate Strategies, Inc.

Traditional Maxims and the Modern Business Landscape

Slowing down and revisiting traditional touch points and has intrinsic value

Discovering Happiness Through Culture

When searching for happiness, look no further than the culture of the world around you

Living Your Life on “Purpose”

No matter the reason, any purpose is better than no purpose

The Power of You

Examining the powerful and priceless value of taking a few minutes out of your day for your own benefit

Invest in Your Health Now or Save for Later?

Taking a closer look at the consumer benefits of long-term care

How a Life Plan Will Improve Your Business and Your Life

Since seeing is believing, putting your plans to paper makes all the difference

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