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LA Tech Rising Stars: 8 Innovators to Watch

These rising stars are innovative, sharp and leading the charge into the future.
By Ben Bloch | Bloch Strategy

Chatsworth Based Leader in Drive Duplication Launches Next-Gen Imaging Tech to Double the Speed of Digital Forensic Investigations

Logicube is debuting a new system that takes forensic hard drive imagining to a new level of speed and...
By Ben Bloch | Bloch Strategy

Why Is Neuroscience Important to Everyday Life?

Amir Vokshoor debunks a crucial field of health and science as society moves forward with technological...
By Amir Vokshoor, MD | Institute of Neuro Innovation

Digital Health Application

The unique challenges of applying digital innovation to the medical field
By Dr. Brennan Spiegel | Cedars-Sinai Health System

Innovations in Neurosurgery

We have entered an era of exceptional confluence between different disciplines, technologies, and...
By Amir Vokshoor, MD | Institute of Neuro Innovation

The 2014 Disruptors: The End of “Business as Usual”

The term disruptive has a positive connotation in tech. It suggests doing away with old, archaic business...
By Ben Bloch | Bloch Strategy

Vascular Disease in the Boardroom

Identifying and minimizing the effects of our lifestyle
By Dr. Gregory Albaugh | Coastal Vascular Center

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