How to Have a Socially Distanced New Year’s Eve 

How to Have a Socially Distanced New Year’s Eve 

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice fun just because there are no big parties.

The holiday season is well underway, but the big question remains: How will we celebrate the end of this crazy year?

Go back 12 months and we were all looking forward to the return of the “Roaring 20s” and the parties and clothing that came with it. But the excitement we all had for this year was quickly diminished as we closed the first quarter and the coronavirus came and simply took over all that we had planned. 

It has affected us all. On a personal note, my brand had a wonderful start to the year with an increase in sales and a pleasant surprise to be able to dress an on-air personality for the Oscars. Shortly after, things quickly rolled backwards as we all watched the world change before our eyes. With all that being said, what do we do to commemorate the end of 2020? Is this year salvageable? I say yes! And in fact, there are really cool way to celebrate with your family, roommates, or significant other, and feel stylish and fantastic doing it!

Whether you stay home, head to your second home, or rent an Airbnb for a few days, there are lots of ways to celebrate and bring some of that “Roaring 20s” flair into it. One of the biggest things happening in the 20s was prohibition, which forced a lot of social life underground. In this 2.0 version we are again not allowed to party and hang out with each other (so that we can keep each other safe) so in a way, we are back in prohibition days. 

We can make the best of it, get all dressed up, maintain the rules and enjoy the company of your loved ones. Make a playlist with everything from Frank Sinatra to Ariana Grande and just enjoy yourselves. I know that things will turn soon (a vaccine is on the way!) and this is just another night to appreciate what we still have. I wish you all a Happy New Year and I look forward to shaking your hand in the very near future!

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