Back to School: 10 Great Places for Executives to Level Up Online

While most in-person events remain on hold, make this the year you step up your power as a developed and innovative leader in your field with virtual learning.

Top-Tier Branded Education

University executive programs come with bragging rights—who doesn’t want to say they’re growing their business acumen at MIT? The competition for senior leadership is stiff, and this level of education is one distinct way you can set yourself apart and earn the respect of peers or subordinates.

  • MIT. With entrepreneurial and skill-building courses, including Innovator’s DNA, Neuroscience for Leadership, and Building Game-Changing Organizations, there are new options each month for top executives and aspiring CEOs. From $100, based on income.
  • Stanford. Redesigned to fit our new world, Stanford’s executive education online programs include a new Leadership Series, featuring courses such as Leading in the COVID-19 Era, Leading Diversity and Inclusion, and Leading with Purpose. If you’re looking for something more comprehensive, consider the LEAD online business program—you spend five to 10 hours per week for a year, resulting in a professional certificate. From $995.
  • Wharton. A school known for providing a world-class business education, Wharton Online brings the same flavor. With access to a worldwide network of over 100,000 online learners, this path is for high-level leaders looking to break through their current plateau and reach the next phase of their career. Offering 50 online courses, Wharton keeps learning options targeted and specific. From $500.
  • Harvard. Harvard Business School Online offers a highly engaging way to learn vital business concepts, enabling committed learners to transform their careers, their organizations, and their lives. From $1,000.

Course Aggregators and Specialty Sites

  • EdX. Offering courses on everything from finance to project management, and even a “MicroMaster’s” degree in business analytics, the opportunity to step up your skills has never been more easily accessible. EdX courses are designed to help you make the most of your data, more deeply understand business modeling and decision making at a high level, manage teams and projects more fluidly, and ultimately stand out in your field. From $897.
  • Hone HQ. Its CEO calls this platform “like Peloton but for leadership training” with world-class instructors and a modern approach to formal education. You pick your classes, learn live with experts, leverage the community, and watch growth happen. From $99/month.
  • Wall Street Mojo. This platform is known by Wall Street insiders as a great way to build investment banking, company valuation, and financial skills for non-financial roles (which most executives hold). From $199.
  • Coursera. Learn the latest skills, get ready for a career, earn a degree, or upskill your organization with this long-standing platform that collaborates with 200+ leading universities and companies. Coursera reports that 87% of people learning for professional development report benefits like promotions, raises, or kicking off a new career—all thanks to their access to e-learning. From $0.
  • Masterclass. This platform offers skill-specific classes from world-renowned experts who lean into sharing their shortcuts, failures, and successes to impact your path and potential. Each class consists of about 20 video lessons, usually around 10 minutes long, accompanied by an in-depth workbook. From $15/month.
  • LinkedIn Learning. Formerly, LinkedIn Learning asks you to set up a quick profile of learning interests so they can link you with courses that match your current goals, interests, and career path. With some 9,000 courses offered, there is something for everyone, ranging from business to technology and even creative skills taught by industry experts. From $30/month.
  • Udemy. With more than 35M students and 57,000 instructors teaching in over 65 languages, Udemy is definitely high on the list of platforms to drop into for improving job-related skills. From business analysis to becoming an expert in Microsoft’s Power BI, this collection of software services, apps, and connectors works together to turn your unrelated sources of data into coherent insights. From $12/course.