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The Common Thread Between Award-Winning Companies

Learning lessons through consumer-facing success stories from Google, Apple, and Dropbox
By Shay Hughes | COO, Owner

The Failed Evolution of an Industry

How changing the way the game is played can revolutionize commercial real estate
By Jason Hughes | President & CEO

L.A. Office Market to Stay Hot in 2017 

A look at where the office market is headed in Downtown Los Angeles, the Westside and Tri-Cities
By R. Todd Doney | Vice Chairman

Culture, Community and Love   

The bottom line advantages to running your business with your heart and mind
By Tucker Hughes | Managing Director

3-Pointers, Hot Dogs, and Office Space?

How changing the way the game is played can revolutionize an industry
By Jason Hughes | President & CEO

Love in the Workplace

It’s not happening enough. We need more of it. Way more.
By Jason Hughes | President & CEO

Keeping an Open Mind About Open Office Spaces

Rethinking workspace in the age of innovation
By Jason Hughes | President & CEO

Real Estate as Art and Investment

As we enter the market of post crisis, real estate values have recovered significantly and have trended...
By James Engel | CEO

One Investment for All Ages

Real estate can be one of the most complicated investment tools you choose to engage in your lifetime. Or you...
By James Engel | CEO

It’s All in the Approach

If you missed the resurgence of Culver City or the renaissance of Silver Lake, you’re not alone. Most real...
By James Engel | CEO

Understanding and Maximizing Your “Lizard” Brain

Examining the six habits to most efficiently and effectively utilize your "lizard" brain
By Daryl Wizelman | SVP & Regional Manager, Guaranteed Rate

The Crowdfunding Revolution

The concept of crowdfunding is not new. Companies like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo have provided the...
By Jilliene Helman | Founder & CEO

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