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Talent Management and Workforce Trends

Examining the ebbs and flows of workplace demographics and the effect changes have on businesses
By Vlad Vaiman | Associate Dean and Professor at the School of Management of California Lutheran University

The Technology Cartel’s Twilight

Atoning the original sin of technology hyper-acceleration

The 10 Steps of a Successful Business Continuity Plan

Delving into the importance os establishing a business continuity plan for your business
By Majid Abai | Founder and Managing Partner

A Celebration of Innovation

An examination of Los Angeles’ fastest growing companies and their effect on the region
By T'Shaka Lee | Southern California Emerging Growth / Venture Backed Company Practice Leader

Embracing the DCX

Five tips on how to capitalize on the digital customer experience and maximize profits
By Scott M. Sachs, CPA | Regional Managing Partner West Region & Executive Board Member

Can Corporate Culture Be Innovative?

The key to innovation in corporate culture begins and ends with your vision
By James Harwood | Founder and President

The Technology Cartel’s Twilight

Atoning the original sin of technology hyper-acceleration
By Kevin S. Parikh, Esq. | Global CEO & Senior Partner

Environmental Leadership and Impact Investing

In an increasingly globalized world and economy, investment leadership financially and environmentally are...
By Bruce Munster | Managing Director – Wealth Management & Senior Portfolio Manager, PIA Program

Digital Health Application

The unique challenges of applying digital innovation to the medical field
By Dr. Brennan Spiegel | Director of Health Services Research

Why Breathe?

A “life hack” can instantly help you be more present, focused, productive, and creative, with stamina and...
By Carol A. Polevoi, LMFT, CBS, CPC | Owner / Clinical Director

Picking the Right Legal Horse

Questions to ask yourself when hiring an attorney
By William Mark Levinson | Partner & Co-chair Financial Services Industry Practice

Intellectual Property Fundamentals for Startup Investments

The danger signs and myths that angels and accredited investors should be mindful of when examining...

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