When in New York …

When in New York …
March 19, 2014

Whether it’s Sinatra’s “vagabond shoes” or (Billy) Joel’s “State of Mind,” the allure of New York City has been, and always will be, irresistible. Finance, history, art, and architecture are just some of the themes you can pursue in the city that never sleeps (hours of operation disagree). Few springtime getaways are more diverse and fulfilling.

The Impact of Early Lessons
The ABC of It {New York Public Library}


Few books we come across in our lifetime will resonate with us as deeply as the books of our childhood. Tales of innocence, of intrigue, of excitement and exasperation, or even green eggs and ham, the books of our youth are ours forever. In a one-of-a-kind exhibit, the New York Public Library transports visitors back into bygone worlds. It’s a multi-sensory exhibit curated by Leonard S. Marcus that, like its subjects, will endure long after you have returned to the world of grownups. On display through Sept. 7. nypl.org




Meier’s Model Museum Migrates
{Jersey City}

dest-of-note-4Having recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of his firm opening in New York City, Richard Meier is upgrading his 3,600 square-foot model museum with a 15,000 square-foot suite. Taking advantage of all the newfound elbow room, Meier is filling the space with his personal work studio, a research library, and archives. The collection on display dates back to 1965 and is chock full of Meier’s timeless works. Putting a little Los Angeles in Jersey City never hurt anyone, and Meier is doing just that by including a large-scale study model of the Getty Center. richardmeier.com



Wide Open Spaces
{Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum}

destof-note-2Recognized by the American Institute of Architects as “the greatest American architect of all time”, Frank Lloyd Wright’s prowess goes without question. Creating a niche, organic architecture within his field, Wright placed an emphasis on the harmony that existed among man and his environment. You would, in turn, be doing yourself an injustice were you to spend time in the Big Apple and not peruse one of these exhibits. In a city filled with the architecture of the future, why not take some time to appreciate and honor the architecture of the past. Exhibits of such quality are likely to shed some light on the subject matter for both the novice and the connoisseur. guggenheim.org


Bang for Your Buck
{48 Wall Street}

dest-of-note-5You would be hard pressed to find a  group of men and women who have influenced the American financial system more than the men and women who have worked at “The Fed” over its first 100 years. Honoring “The Fed” itself, those men and women included, the Museum of American Finance is presenting its largest exhibition to date. With a fitting 100 items on display representing different facets of “The Fed,” the exhibit serves as a not-so-traditional view of modern American history. moaf.org


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